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Why was Gripdivision founded?

Gripdivision was founded with the goal of creating the world's best sports socks. We quickly realized that the best sports socks have grips on the underside, so-called grip socks. That led us to the following conclusion: to create the world's best sports socks, we need to create the world's best grip socks.

We launched our first grip socks in 2021. They were well received, but we realized pretty quickly that, in order to reach the goal of the best grip socks in the world, we had to find a new factory. The search for it led us to Guimarães, a region in southern Portugal known for its craftsmanship and its textile history. There we found a factory that helped us produce the best grip socks we've tested so far (we've tested many). We call them the Model 01, and as the name implies, it is not our last model.

Maximum speed in turns and ejections

The anti-slip grip minimizes friction between the foot and the shoe. Reduced friction leads to increased control and speed and eliminates the risk of abrasions, underfoot blisters and blue nails.

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Made in Portugal

Our socks are made in Guimarães, a city in northern Portugal known for its craftsmanship and textile history. There are two things that are especially important to us when it comes to production: that the socks are of the highest possible quality, and that they are produced with respect for the environment and the people involved in the process. Our factory in Guimarães puts big green check marks in those boxes.

GOTS certified supplier
Oeko tex standards 100
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